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P0446 Code - Toyota. EVAP system control circuit malfunction. The P0446 OBD-II code often triggers with other related EVAP codes like P0441, and the specific combination of codes can give your mechanic a better idea of where the actual problem lies. Toyota 4Runner P0446 OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain P Trouble Code Information Page. Reason for Toyota 4Runner P0446 and find the solution for the code Toyota 4Runner P0446, we'll give to how to fix Toyota 4Runner P0446 trouble code problem. P0446 Toyota EVAP vent solenoid Fix code P0446 Toyota EVAP vent solenoid. Toyota is having a lot of problems with failures in their EVAP systems. The most common code P0446 pertains to the vent solenoid. This is the solenoid that opens to allow air into the charcoal canister during a purge cycle. SOURCE: toyota camry 1997 3.0 v-6 code p0446. That code is for the evaporative emmisions system. Here is a link to an open forum you can go to, this will help you understand what it is, and why. Diagnose a p0446 code on a 2001 Toyota 4runner the check engine light vsv track and vsv off lights are on at all times you have replaced the gas cap with a Toyota factory gas cap? Answer. Wiki User February 14, 2010 1:32AM.

3rd Gen 4Runner P0441 and P0446 Diagnostic and Fix self.4Runner submitted 9 months ago by arroyobass 98' SR5 I have been having issues with P0441Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow and P0446 Evaporative Emission. For help with Toyota Sienna Oxygen Sensors click here. For help with Toyota Sienna Misfire Codes click here. Read the Story of our Toyota Sludged Engine Repair. For help programming your remote door lock fob / keyfob. P0440, P0441, P0442 and P0446 Toyota Evap Problem.- How to Fix Toyota Evap System. I have a 2002 Toyota 4Runner and the check engine light costantly returns with the same code P0446. I have taken this to multiple dealers and local garages to the point of embarassment and anger. They have changed gas caps and ‘Smoke Tested’ the system. 29/01/2009 · My 03's check engine light came on about two weeks ago.Took it to Autozone so they could run the code.Come's up P0446, guy says your gas cap may be loose.So I took the gas cap off and put it back on reset the code and been good since then.

19/06/2016 · Oh yes. The gas cap was my first fix, I get people throwing evap codes all the time and it's just a loose gas cap. I have heard that Toyota only likes Toyota specific or Denso gas caps but I wasn't sure if that was true or some redneck trying to be funny. 13/07/2007 · I have a '98 Toyota Corolla with these 2 codes coming up now. P0441 - EVAP emission Control System Purge Flow Fault P0446 - EVAP emission Control System Vent Circuit Malf I've replaced the gas cap so far. I still have yet to check some other suggestions air filter leaks, etc I recently changed the spark plugs and wires.

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